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Tooth sensitivity Vietnam Societies has warned about the abuse of surgical

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    Tooth sensitivity Vietnam Societies has warned about the abuse of surgical , infected from morning to noon Before that, she came to this commune. When the People's Committee asked to stop the morning, nor the border, because Miss Nhung did not declare full name but only name is Nhung and leave. According to Nguyen Vietnam Cuong - chief inspector of Hanoi Health Department, Mrs. Nhung free medical treatment and free of charge, this service is conditional and can be dangerous to the life and health of the patient. In the case of Ms. Nhung using the treatment methods also have to consult the basis of expertise such as Diseases of the Drug Administration or the Ministry of Health. We will keep an eye on this situation and will ask them to stop immediately if she is treating the disease in Hanoi.Followed on Facebook "Princess medicine is," a few minutes ago there was a new clip about her ceremony in the village. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam


    How to prevent sensitive teeth?

    The first step in treating tooth sensitivity is to determine the cause - a dentist can help you with this. If you are experiencing toothache due to exposure, some steps you and your dentist can take to reduce the sensitivity include:Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

    Use a super soft bristle brush.

    Proper brushing to help prevent enamel wear and gum drop

    Use special toothpaste to reduce sensitivity

    Dentists can:

    Apply fluoride gel to sensitive areas to strengthen your teeth.

    - Carrots contain high fluoride toothpaste for daily use.Dental tourim in Vietnam

    - Rectangle the teeth, recreate the missing spots enamel.

    Finally, whether you have to go to the dentist or just buy toothpaste at the store, the most important thing is to go to the dentist so they can diagnose the cause of the toothache. And help you find an effective solution.

    Antispasmodic tips

    Coated vitamin E oil

    Vitamin E helps to restore the activity of tissues around the teeth. First you should gargle with warm water and then use the vitamin E oil capsules poured over the teeth, sucked in half an hour and do not drink water, can do three times a day.

    Chew green tea

    Green tea is rich in catechins, fluoride, tannic acid and other ingredients that support the formation of hardened protective enzyme. Tannic acid also reduces the role of calcium solubles. You can chew 1 gram of green tea for 5 minutes, three times a day.Saigon Vietnam dental implants

    Chewing walnuts live

    Cause walnuts rich in linoleic acid, calcium and phosphorus, reduce the excitability to the tooth nerve. Rinse mouth with salt water, chew 20 grams of walnuts in 3-5 minutes, slowly swallow, should chew twice a day.

    In addition, after drinking drinks, sour fruit, should gargle with salt water. For people over 50 years old should use a soft bristle brush.

    Use raw garlic to rub teeth

    Garlic contains fluoride, allicin helps the dentin layer to be restored and protected against external stimuli such as cold, spicy ... Live garlic sliced for more than 5 minutes, then rub into the teeth for three minutes, do three times a day.

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